Tissues (1/3/2007)

Do you reuse tissues?

And if so, what kind?

Do you eat to the bone?

to the peel? to the rind?

Is this like the people

who you seldom trust?

You must be criticized;

you must, must, must.

They shall consume you,

all those you won’t trust.

It’s you who they’ll gnaw at

right down to the crust.

And each line on your fingers,

each callous and tear,

will render you deaf,

unable to hear.

And when you can’t hear

you surely won’t trust

the wisdom of those,

of that which you must.

The corners of hands,

your idle hands,

will run away from you,

divide, and disband.

But there is yet hope,

have faith in yourself,

keep your mind in your head,

and not on a shelf.

So now can you see

the lies that are yours?

Put the used tissues

back in their drawers.


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